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As a web agency, outer/edge only employs web professionals with the required experience of web standards, accessibility and usability. We ensure that all of our websites are built with these standards, can be read by everyone, are responsive and compatible with a variety of devices. Below are some important areas that we consider.

If you have any queries or feedback, please feel free to contact us.

Standards compliance

We aim to ensure the entire contents of our websites are HTML5 valid. The W3C validation service determines whether a page is valid, however it's possible that there are some elements we've purposely used that may make certain pages fail, we use common sense wherever possible.


We passionately support web standards and future-proof web design and layout. We believe that key information should be accessible regardless of the browser used. We utilise the latest web standards alongside the concept of progressive enhancement to ensure a good experience for all visitors.

This website uses layout techniques that have been made available thanks to HTML5 and CSS3. If you are using a browser that does not support these standards, your visual experience may be reduced where necessary.

We strongly recommend the use of a modern browser such as the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge.


  • Links should make sense out of context, for example 'click here' shouldn't be used as a link.
  • Links to external websites will open in the same window for accessibility reasons.


  • All content images should include a descriptive ALT text tag.
  • Background and decorative images are usually created using stylesheets and therefore do not require ALT text.
  • Pages are designed and laid out so that they are still readable with stylesheets and javascript disabled.